howdy folks
just wanted to say i’ll be deleting this blog soon
its pretty much dead anyway
so if you really need this blog in your lives or something send in some ships or something so it can be as active as it was in the good old days
-vriska letmeborrowthattop serket, creator of theshippingyard

Anonymous Asked: dare soliloquy <3 gamzee iwantgyrados is canon i think??

psa: this blog isnt really active anymore, and we’re not really involved with the homestuck facebook fandom anymore i’m sorry

Anonymous Asked: brad x my fist in his face

brad x everyones fist in his face

Anonymous Asked: what is your otp?


Anonymous Asked: who do you ship Gajeel Ironfist Redfox with?

idk why its not letting me make arrows but moirail w/ lmbtt and uhh idk about anything else oOPS

Anonymous Asked: Impurrfect-Pony <> everyone

i ship it yea

Anonymous Asked: brookexbrooke best ship (not brooke)

who are u deep toot

Anonymous Asked: Youre all fucking faggots.

why don’t u come off anon and say that to my face bud

u scaredy-cat lol xd

why is everyone sending in asks lately i thought this blog was dead who are you guys and what are you doing here

Anonymous Asked: rainbowspacecat <3< rainbowgaycat